About Us


Casesbywf is the fastest growing tech accessories brand based in Malaysia, reaching 1 in 7 millennials. We are a team of passionate individuals and creative advocates who believe every project should be a work of art. Casesbywf challenges the status quo designing tech accessories with true artist spirit as we value self-expression and individuality.

Casesbywf is a sister brand of Wallflower Store, with the simple aim of creating unique exquisite designs on phone casings. Each and every case is made entirely here in Subang Jaya, Malaysia and designed by the founder herself, Ain Nurina and the team who both in their own right bring success and experience to the company.

Collaborating through their love of colour, collage, pop culture and weird stuff they create bold and original designs, keeping up with trends but also creating their own. Using high quality sturdy plastics and a state of the art printing method, you're guaranteed to be getting a brilliantly made product. Thank you for your support!

Our Mission
Casesbywf’s mission is to let our customers protect their smartphones without sacrificing style and personal aesthetics. 
Our Vision
We always envision to expand our range of products to fill the gap in the tech accessories market in Malaysia in the most creative ways as possible. In order to sustain, it is our goal to grow from the internet hype and e-commerce to retail outlets in Malaysia, Southeast Asian countries and worldwide.



Team Casesbywf

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