Cakenis Bake & Lilies - KLEARLUX™ Limited Edition Cakenis x Casesbywf Phone Case

RM49.00 MYR
  • Posting starts : 8TH OF JANUARY 2021 ONWARDS
  • Material : Transparent High Quality Soft TPU Rubber ( 1.5mm )
  • Ships from Malaysia to worldwide

Cakenis x Casesbywf Special Edition Collection

We have been working closely with the Cakenis team founded by Hanis Zalikha these past few months to come out with the Cakenis X Casesbywf Limited Edition Phone Case collection! This super cute collection was inspired by the 50s era with retro baking elements infused with the Cakenis aesthetics 🍰✨ Do expect a full collection of yummy designs with baking-inspired theme!

Klearlux Phone Case 

Our flexible glossy TPU cases fit onto your phone so easily. Those wanting a more protective phone case that is simply to use with a stylish look prefer our rubber cases. These are waterproof but not scratch-proof and will not stretch or warp over time.

Our cases are specially designed transparent TPU and cover the volume buttons, power button and speaker holes preventing damage and scratches.

We recommend a glass screen protector is used at all times to prevent your screen cracking if you drop your phone.

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